SEBTStar Excursion Balance Test (injury risk predictor)
SEBTSouth and East Belfast Trust (Northern Ireland, UK)
SEBTSchool Employees' Benefit Trust (Indiana)
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Bouts of moderate intensity activity, as identified by the GLTEQ, were not significantly related to any measures of physical performance in either group, while GLTEQ light bouts were related to SEBT composite score (r = -0.
Researchers have provided evidence that SEBT is sensitive for screening musculoskeletal impairments, such as chronic ankle instability (9), quadriceps strength deficits (8), and patellofemoral pain syndrome (10).
Traditional Balance Program: The traditional exercise protocol consisted of: 1) SEBT in eight directions; 2) DynaDisc[R] balance with eyes open; 3) DynaDisc[R] balance with eyes closed; 4) DynaDisc[R] ball toss; 5) DynaDisc[R] ORBITS.
In this sense, the SEBT, as an important instrument for evaluating proprioception, can help to effectively assess the adaptive mechanisms that can occur chronically when an athlete performs the articular stabilization required during kitesurfing activities.
Abbreviations: FRT = Functional Reach Test, LOS = limits of stability, ROM = range of motion, SEBT = Star-Excursion Balance Test.
Also, no correlation was detected between the SEBT and acute or recurrent LAS.
Independent variable included sports activity while dependent variable dynamic balance measured using SEBT.
The SEBT has now been modified (mSEBT) to improve its specificity to dance practice, (25) and since the creation and initial testing of the mSEBT, researchers Glenna Batson and Margaret Wilson have been working collaboratively to improve the test.
The SEBT measures dynamic standing balance under specific conditions and requires lower extremity coordination, flexibility, and strength.
Dancers also had greater SEBT reach distances in the medial (right, p = 0.
He also served SEBTS as an ambassador and recruiter for the office of admissions from 2012-14.