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Noncombat Air Force-assigned missions are those that have been requested as support to another federal agency, are determined to have a federal interest by the Air Force, are directed by the USAF, or as determined by the SECAF. (27) Air Force instruction outlines the following mission areas as those that currently qualify for assignment by the USAF to the CAP: homeland security operations, S&R/disaster relief, law enforcement support, drug interdiction activities, combat training support, range and airspace surveys, orientation flights, light airlift, public affairs support, communications, training, support of Air Force organizational functions, and incident facility activities.
*** SECAf & CSAF Acquisition Improvement Plan, 2009
A memo from the Secretary of the Air Force (SecAF) generated Sierra Bravo.
SECAF letter to airmen: Air Force Smart Operations 21.
22 Key Legal and Strategic Issues for Growing Government Contractors in Vienna, VA, presented by SECAF. Fee is $35.
The CSC provides the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, Installations and Mission Support (AF/A4/7), CSAF, and SECAF responsive integrated Combat Support Command and Control (CSC2) by monitoring current events, maintaining situational awareness over combat support readiness and engagement, predicting future courses of action, analyzing options, and coordinating Air Force combat support for Joint Operations.
The Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) is responsible for the submission of this report.
IAC is formally documented in international agreements--the development, negotiation, and conclusion of these agreements are delegated to the Air Force (and specifically to SAF/IA by SECAF) by the Department of Defense, see Air Force Instruction 16-110.
In the September 2015 Air Force Future Operating Concept (FOC), the Secretary of the Air Force (SecAF) and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) identified the need for:
Once the site surveys are completed, the results will be briefed to the SECAF and Air Force chief of staff to select preferred and reasonable alternatives for the operating location.
Earlier this year, MindPoint Group was recognized by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce as the fourth fastest growing company on their Fantastic 50 list and was also named Government Contractor of the Year by the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF).