SECANMilitary Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington
SECANSouth Essex Climate Action Network (UK)
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Reflecting Boart Longyear's commitment to making a truly better and safer drill, it significantly improved upon the industry-standard Secan S-250 by introducing advanced noise suppression.
En consecuencia, dividido en muchos lugares, quedo reducido a la nada, asi como un rio salido de su lecho forma innumerables arroyos que luego se secan" (Jacques Le Goff, Los intelectuales en la Edad Media, Barcelona, 1986, 75).
"No kidding, it was love at first site when I saw her," said Ron who served as an air gunner in the RAF during the Secan air gunner in the RAF during the Second World War.
The derivational paradigms of strong verbs with more than ten mutated derivatives include beran 'to bear' (65), drincan 'to drink' (40), faran 2 'to die' (33), hweorfan 'to turn' (33), cwelan 'to die' (29), slean 1/2 'to strike' (28), brecan 'to break' (27), cuman 1/2 'to come' (23), bindan 'to bind' (22), blican 'to glitter' (21), breotan 'to break in pieces' (21), bugan 'to bow' (21), gangan 1 'to go' (21), brinnan 'to burn' (19), biernan 'to burn' (15), ceosan 'to choose' (15), fon 'to take' (14), wrecan 'to drive' (12), buan 'to dwell' (11), calan 'to grow cool or cold' (11), grafan 'to dig' (11), ridan 1/2 'to ride' (11), secan 1 'to seek' (11) and wacan 'to awake' (11).