SECARMYSecretary of the Army
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INSCOM's numerous relationships should not be viewed as a checklist of unrelated tasks assigned by the SECARMY, but instead as the culmination of decades of building synergy and executing mission command across the Army intelligence enterprise.
Authorizes the Secretary of the Army (SECARMY) to collect (including through clandestine means), produce, analyze, and disseminate defense and defense-related intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) to support departmental requirements, and, as appropriate, national requirements; and to conduct CI activities.
The SECARMY directs INSCOM as a direct reporting unit of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army, G-2 (DCS, G-2).
No, I don't think my perspective about the value of resource management in contributing to the Army's overall mission changed--the period I served as Acting SECARMY, actually confirmed the perspectives I had as the Army's FM and CFO.
Runnels: During your tenure as Acting SECARMY, you visited several Army organizations, spending time with commanders and Soldiers.
After the OASA(FM&C) completed its full review of Army FM and developed recommendations for SECARMY's consideration (2), SECARMY directed the ASA(FM&C) to transform USAFMCOM (3).
(1) SECARMY Memorandum, Optimization of Army Financial Management, 11 September 2012
In 2008, The Judge Advocate General of the Army (TJAG) recommended, and the SecArmy approved, more resources and training of judge advocates in the litigation of sexual assault cases.
(21 Before the guilty plea, the defense filed a motion for the convening authority to select a new panel, arguing that the SECARMY exceeded his authority by exempting certain groups of officers from court-martial service by Army regulation.
The Army Court of Criminal Appeals (ACCA) affirmed the trial court's denial of the defense motion, reasoning that the SECARMY had appropriately exercised his authority under 10 U.S.C.
4500.56, supra note 26, para E2.5.1; see SecArmy Policy, supra note 26, para.
The SecArmy Policy contains specific guidance for this exception.