SECATSacramento Emergency Clean Air and Transportation
SECATStudent Evaluation of Content, Administration and Teaching (Massey University; New Zealand)
SECATStudent Evaluation of Courses and Teaching (various locations)
SECATShip Energy Conservation Assist Team
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Das is the CEO and president of Secat, an aluminum research institute in Lexington, Ky., that has undertaken projects for aluminum manufacturers around the World.
This year, Secat and the University of Kentucky began a three-year, $800,000 study to analyze the existing dynamics surrounding aluminum can recycling.
We denote the sectional category by secat ([[iota].sub.X]) or secat (X, A), and the relative category by relcat ([[iota].sub.X]) or relcat (X, A).
The following basic facts about secat and relcat are proved in [3]:
The sectional category secat (p) of a fibration p: E [??] B, originally introduced by A.
Schwarz proved that secat (p [less than or equal to] n if and only if [j.sub.n] admits a (homotopy) section.
Under the commonplace dedication 'Sauveterre a ses enfants morts pour la PATRIE', a quatrain in Bearnais dialect enjoins the women of the province to 'dry their tears and be strong, should God so require them, and make France more beautiful' ('Hemnes secats boste perpere / e siats hortes si Diu se pren arre nus couste au co balent / Entaha La France mey bere!'--Louis Biarnes, 1914).