SECCSState Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (Washington, DC)
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The success of the SECCS Initiative will depend upon a strategic approach to planning and communicating a new vision--one that engages all potential partners in a common purpose and process of collaborative reform.
This report outlines the national and state environmental context for the SECCS Initiative in supporting MCH strategic planning in early childhood systems building.
Under the SECCS Initiative, state mother and child health agencies are being asked to apply MCH experience and expertise to a process of: (1) strengthening or creating partnerships with key early childhood stakeholders including those involved in existing early childhood initiatives; (2) collaborating with those stakeholders to implement a state early childhood strategic plan; and (3) supporting the development of integrated community-based platforms for promoting optimal early childhood development.
The purpose of this report is to (1) provide SECCS Initiative grantees and their partners with information about the current status of parenting education programs in the United States; (2) present some approaches to the provision of parenting education; (3) identify the role of the SECCS Initiative in relation to the development of affordable, high-quality parenting education programs and systems; and (4) present some promising practices and parenting education resources.
It addresses a set of principles that these agencies can use to advance their planning process, reach out to new partners, develop collaborative strategies, and build a foundation for the implementation phase of the SECCS Initiative.