SECDStack, Environment, Code, Dump
SECDSeaman Employment Control Division (Myanmar)
SECDSystems Engineering and Computational Design (research project)
SECDSoft Error Cluster Distribution
SECDStowarzyszenie Edukacji Czlowieka Doroslego (Polish: Association for Education of Adults)
SECDDepartment of Special Education Communication Disorders (college curriculum; various locations)
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The pilot SECD curricular approach was developed over a three-year period in a large urban middle school in the mid-Atlantic United States (2012-2015).
The pilot SECD curriculum was implemented during the school's existing homeroom "advisory" period.
In line with the SEL literature, the pilot SECD curriculum emphasized achieving social, emotional, and behavioral competencies via interactive contexts, particularly the relationships between teachers and students and between students themselves.
In the pilot school, the approach to engaging the whole school in SECD also included a student-elected Ambassador component to enhance student voice.
Finally, USDOE has an important role to play in calling upon schools and districts to use evidence-based programs that have been shown to improve students' SECD.
For example, the secretary of education can call attention to the importance of SECD, disseminate information about it, provide direct support to schools that implement it, and create incentives for states and local school districts to adopt policies and practices that support it.
Create senior-level leadership positions dedicated to SECD.
Given that policymakers have been so blind to those needs, for so long, they should reserve seats at the education policy table for senior-level leaders who will advocate for the whole child, speaking up forcefully on behalf of SECD.
Before this discussion, however, it is useful to gain a better understanding of what SECD is.
Phrases that are often used as synonyms for SECD include social and emotional learning (Durlak et al.
For the purpose of this review, SECD is defined similarly to Berkowitz and Bier's (2007) definition of character education, broadly defined as intending to enhance student development.
Recognizing that SECD programs can extend beyond schools and that they can be implemented in family--and community-based settings, the current review focuses on school-based programs for two reasons.