SECDEFSecretary of Defense
SECDEFSecurity & Defence Day (EU)
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And as Director, Administration & Management in 2006 I supported the SecDef transition in which we confronted a variety of post-9/11 security challenges.
Memorandum, JCS to SecDef, December 22, 1961, in Selected Atmospheric Testing Issues and Positions Taken Thereon, January 10,1962, "Nuclear Testing II Folder," Box 32, Maxwell D.
Les Aspin, "Policy on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces," SecDef Policy Memorandum, 28 April 1993.
It certainly will enrich the knowledge of anyone interested in the politics of defense during this period and the actions taken by SecDef McNamara.
55) On 25 September 2013, the Deputy SECDEF issued a memorandum (56) stating all military personnel would continue in a normal duty status, regardless of whether or not they are supporting excepted activities; (57) delegating the responsibility for determining excepted activities to the appropriate Secretaries and Heads of DoD Components; and attaching a memorandum containing a list of excepted activities.
These forces can only be transferred from the commands by the SECDEF.
This year, the DC Chapter has featured the Director for Logistics, J4, The Joint Staff, the SDDC Commanding General, and the Principal Deputy Asst SECDEF for Logistics and Materiel Readiness.
5) Both formulations, however, place the SECDEF and the military in the lead role in establishing NSOs and national strategy and seem to neglect the importance of keeping all IOPs in mind when formulating national strategy.
And Mike Wynne, with his characteristic grace and humor, recently quipped: "Who knew the SecDef could shoot up through the floor?
It is a privilege to fill in for a DepSecDef actually capable of moving up to the SecDef job--not all Deputies meet that high standard
Donald Rumsfeld, SECDEF (address, House Armed Services Committee, Washington, DC, 5 February 2003), http://www.