SECESecure Electronic Commerce Environment (online banking; online payment system)
SECEStudent Employment and Cooperative Education (various locations; aka Student Employment/Cooperative Education)
SECEStandard Educated Colloquial English
SECESchool of Early Childhood Education (various locations)
SECESequencing Essentials Content Example (Advanced Distributed Learning)
SECESoftware Engineering Computing Environment
SECESouth East Cheshire Enterprise Ltd. (UK)
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This includes proteins, such as translocase subunit SecB (RWLH02874), SecA (RWLH04145), translocase subunit YajC (RWLH04489), SecD (RWLH04490), SecF (RWLH04491), protein YidC (RWLH02988), SecE protein (RWLH03278), SecG protein (RWLH02385), SecY protein (RWLH02517), signal recognition protein FFH/SRP54 (RWLH01652), cell division protein FtsY (RWLH02695), signal peptidase I (RWLH01606) and ORF for lipoprotein signal peptidase (RWLH04054).
The control variables are highly significant except for the proxy for human capital (SECE).
Called the Secure Enterprise Communications Environment (SECE), this system is composed of several secure telecommunication products.
This investigation unearthed seven essential human nonhomologous metabolic proteins, of which three were membranous proteins including preprotein translocase subunit SecD (T1, gene reference 218562707), cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (T2, gene reference 218563091) and preprotein translocase subunit SecE (T3, gene reference 218562127).
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Monday issued a reminder to the winners of the May 13 polls: File your Statement of Election Contributions and Expenditures (SECE) as soon as possible or you won't be allowed to assume office on June 30.
(1950): Zprava o geologickem mapovani a petrografickem pruzkumu krystalinika z okoli Sece v Zeleznych horach.