SECKSSouth Eastern Conference Kickoff Special
SECKSSimple Exercises Calculated To Keep You Smiling
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Mor Maty Seck's device has been a huge hit in his native Senegal and is now star attraction at Geneva's annual International Exhibition of Inventions.
The Secks family - Chris, wife Olivia and kids Nathan, 19, Raffy, 14, Florence, 11, and Sola, three - are obsessed with organic food such as lentils, love yoga and meditating, never drink or smoke and wear sandals.
Teetotal, non-smoking, yoga-mad, meditating, lentil-munching, sandal wearing vegetarians...; THE SECKS FAMILY; ...on hols with layabout beer swilling, overweight, chain-smoking, chip gobbling party animals; THE JEFFERIES FAMILY; Just look what happened to the clean-living dad!; CHEERS!