SECNAVSecretary of the Navy
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The six commands awarded the SECNAV 2008 Energy and Water Management Award for innovative energy management, successful use of energy, superior awareness, and energy conservation principles during FY 2007 included:
In fact, prominent Americans, such as Pat Buchanan, Bob Novak, Colonel David Hackworth, former SECNAV Jim Webb (who won the Bronze and Silver Stars and the Navy Cross as a young Marine officer in Vietnam), and anti-Kyoto Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel (who won two Purple Hearts as a squad leader with the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam) all quite vociferously opposed this war from the start.
DOD and SECNAV lost workday reduction efforts now require documentation on all civilian and military lost workdays.
Earlier this year, SECNAV released "A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower.
This MOU ensures that our aircraft apportionment is best suited to meet the needs of both services and fulfill the variety of missions undertaken by both," said SECNAV Ray Mabus.
1), issued in November 2005 and implemented by policy detailed in SECNAV Instruction 5239.
The SECNAV Energy Awards were established to recognize outstanding commitment to energy and water conservation by Navy and Marine Corps activities and ships.
Naval Base Kitsap in each of the past five years has gained either a gold or platinum Secretary of the Navy Energy and Water Award, and twice earned the SECNAV Energy and Water Award for large installations, said Christopher Floro, Public Works business line coordinator.
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) was awarded the 2011 CNO Environmental Quality Award (Large Ship Category) on 22 February, the 2011 SECNAV Environmental Quality Award (Large Ship Category) on 20 March, the 2011 CNO Afloat Safety Award (Aircraft Carrier Category) on 28 March, and the 2012 SECNAV Safety Excellence Award on 16 May.
In 1985, the SECNAV eliminated the Chief of Naval Material and its staff.
This is part of the energy portfolio strategy that will help reduce energy intensity and ties directly to the SECNAV Secretary of the Navy energy goals and the executive orders that are in place.