SECNAVINSTSecretary of the Navy Instruction
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Provide IT-related training that will provide credits toward continuous learning per SECNAVINST 1543.
28E, Military Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (23 May 2011) [hereinafter SECNAVINST 5300.
The naval service logistics chiefs provide NLI oversight per the policies and responsibilities set forth in SECNAVINST 4000.
Expeditionary naval logistics personnel attendance at this course should be encouraged and supported to the greatest extent possible considering a command's OPTEMPO in keeping with policy set forth in SECNAVINST 4000.
This new governance process was first implemented via SECNAVNOTE 5000 dated 26 February 2008, and has since been institutionalized in the latest edition of SECNAVINST 5000.
Naval Logistics Integration (NLI), a Navy-Marine Corps initiative endorsing logistics interdependency in tactics, techniques, and procedures supporting naval expeditionary and special operations forces, was codified by the Secretary of Navy with the publication of SECNAVINST 4000.
One element includes drafting SECNAVINST 5230, regarding the management of Navy AIT to specifically address Navy-Marine Corps integration efforts.
In 2011, the Secretary of the Navy issued instruction for Electromagnetic Environment Policy and Management, SECNAVINST 2400.