SECOFISecretaría de Comercio y Fomento Industrial (Mexico)
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(15) EI resultado fue la transferencia de atribuciones de la SRE a otras secretarias de Estado, sobre todo a la SECOFI, y a un cuerpo especializado que negociaria el TLCAN.
and Mexico prior to the WTO proceedings; (2) Upholds the Panel's finding in Paragraph 6.23 of the Panel Report that SECOFI's conclusion that there existed a significant likelihood of increased imports was inconsistent with Mexico's obligations under Article 3.7(i) of the Anti-Dumping Agreement; (3) Upholds the Panel's finding, in paragraph 6.36 of the Panel Report, that SECOFI's conclusion regarding the likely impact of dumped imports of HFCS from the U.S.
SECOFI (Secretaria de Comercio y Fomento Industrial)
In accordance with Mexico's legal system, the 1998 Regulations were formulated by the federal executive branch through SECOFI.(21) The objective and purpose of the 1998 Regulations closely parallels the goals and scope of U.S.
One cause for concern is that by design the SECOFI sample covers only medium and large plants.(4) In 1986, there was an average of 321 workers per establishment in the SECOFI sample, compared to 67 across all manufacturing establishments.
The Mexican government, through its Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development (SECOFI), opened a Washington office separate from its embassy and hired a number of well-connected Washington law, P.R.