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SECOMSecure Communications
SECOMSouth End Community Outreach Ministries (Grand Rapids, MI)
SECOMSoftware Engineering Cost Model
SECOMSmart Enterprise Common Object Model
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SC Secom SA plans to expand and modernise its water and wastewater network in the 10 towns Drobeta Turnu Severin, Baia de Aram?
8, SECOM notified FUNDAMEDIOS that administrative proceedings to dissolve the organization had begun because, it argued, the organization had acted politically.
The SECOM Group, established in the 1960s, employs over 53,500 people in nearly 1,500 locations worldwide, with operations in twelve countries and serving over two and a half million customers.
Secom plans to rent out the robots at pounds 1,480 a month, half the cost of a human security guard doing the same job.
The list of the projects completed is a proof of the success of the SECOM formula.
According to a new 'planning the perfect burglary' infographic published by SECOM, the West Yorkshire city is home to the highest ratio of home thefts in the country.
In a consolidated earnings report for the year ended March 31, Secom attributed the firm performance to robust sales in online security systems, including remote video monitoring systems, both for companies and homes.
Robot X, made by the Japanese security company Secom, is made of reinforced plastic, a metre high and weighing 120 kilograms.
Secom, Japan's largest home and office security company, has entered a new era of accelerated business activity.
LEONARDS, Australia -- Primex Wireless, the leading provider of wireless facility monitoring technology, today announced that it had signed an agreement with SECOM Australia Pty Ltd.
In its consolidated earnings report for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, Secom also registered a pretax profit of 17.
The consortium is coordinated by Secom and has contributed key technology from several of its members: sensors developed by Omron, computer analysis from IBM, monitors from Sharp and technology used for underground searches by GeoSearch.