SECOPSecond Opinion
SECOPSystems Engineering Community of Practice
SECOPSummer Engineering Co-Op Program (University of Western Ontario; Canada)
SECOPSecurity Operating Procedure
SECOPStrategic Equipping Common Operational Picture (US DoD)
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Thus, the sale of SECOP is the second-biggest exit in the history of AURELIUS.
The acquisition is an excellent fit to the product portfolio of SECOP, which also engages in the manufacture of hermetic compressors, the buyer said.
Country: AustriaSector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: ACC Austria GmbH Buyer: AURELIUS AG, SECOP GmbH Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
As a global technology leader, SECOP is a perfect example of the successful strategic realignment of a group spin-off under AURELIUS ownership.
This month, the European Union officially selected Sensofusion to be an industry partner in Project SECOPS (an integrated SECurity concept for drone OPerationS).
Security professionals have a great opportunity to bring together their business leaders to gather commitment and start conversations about how to use this case to raise awareness and close gaps between IT Security and IT Operations through SecOps initiatives.
Endace has partnered with Plixer to provide integration between Plixer's Scrutinizer, flow-based analysis solutions, and EndaceProbe network recorders to improve the ability for SecOps and NetOps teams to investigate network security and performance issues, the company said.
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Tagging along with the bullpups is another famous recognizable movie weapon from Avatar, the "WASP" handgun used by actor Stephen Lang who played the RDA (Resources Development Administration) SecOps Commander, Colonel Miles Quaritch.
A seemingly credentialed actor can wreak havoc as SecOps teams often cannot discover nefarious behavior emanating from users with proper credentials.
All of these can be prevented by implementing a "game plan" for closing the SecOps gap.
Fragmented and inefficient security solutions that require inline inspection drive unnecessary confusion and frustration between NetOps and SecOps teams.