SECORSmall Employer Certificate of Recognition Program (Canada)
SECORSequential Collation of Ranges
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2) insulation tester hand generator type megger complete with testing leads & carrying case voltage 1000 volts, insulation value from 0-500 mega ohms make : waco / nippon / secor
Krause is tied for fourth place entering the final round behind Secor - who shot 32-34 for a 6-under 66 - and Beaverton's Gigi Stoll, who shot 67, as well as Chiara Gavazzi of Lincoln at 70.
Obama," said Charles Lawrence, chief executive officer, Secor Group.
Offering the SKN to only key customers is a bit of a different approach for us, but we felt the investment in the technology was too great to not give it a sense of value among the users," Secor says.
Their hearts grow because so much is being asked of them when snakes are digesting this meal," says Secor.
Several speakers said that, at the very least, the city of Toledo should wrap up its reconstruction of Secor north of Monroe before the Douglas ramps close, because many West Toledoans are using Douglas to avoid Secor.
Utilicor Technologies has appointed SECOR as the distributor of its full line of truck and skid-steer mounted rotary coring equipment and Utilibond-based reinstatement technology in the south central, southwestern United States.
We are focused on quality, staying on schedule, and affordability,'' said Randy Secor, Northrop Grumman's deputy project manager for the JSF program.
Faith Ford and Kyle Secor star in Her Desperate Choice (0788606859), telling of a woman's fight against the legal system, which acquits her husband of sexual abuse against their daughter and awards him custody.
Their eponymous record, released in 2004, rose to first place on some bluegrass charts, "which is pretty good, since we're not even a bluegrass band," says fiddler, vocalist, and band spokesperson Ketch Secor, who, like his bandmates, is in his mid-20s.
After its sudden shift from fast to feast, a Burmese python's metabolic rate can rev up by a factor of 40, says Stephen Secor of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.