SECORDsecure cord switchboard (US DoD)
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Debbie Stabenow commented Today s announcement is great news for the Secord Township Fire and Rescue and families in Gladwin County.
The Friends of Laura Secord are planning to create a "living stone hearth monument" near the place where Secord would have emerged from the woods after scrambling up the Niagara Escarpment and was met by a First Nations encampment, said Caroline McCormick, a direct descendent of Secord.
Come morning July 3, Wafer and Secord remained near their original positions of July 2.
The Laura Secord coin that completes the set was not available until June 22nd.
The cow, indeed, from her opening cabaret-style, "Moo, Moo, Moo," emerges as the leading protagonist in this version of the Secord story, which other historians would doubtless appreciate if only humans, as this opera makes clear they should, would only learn to listen to animals.
We're seeing about a third of the mammals getting smaller and some of them getting a lot smaller, by as much as half of their original body size," Secord added.
Basically those days are pretty well over," Secord said.
Both authors begin by carefully establishing the original historical context in which Vercheres and Secord performed their heroic exploits, in order to show how the first sketchy and contradictory eyewitness accounts were embellished and manipulated by a later generation of commemorators.
It's a subject that can raise the hackles of Greg Secord, vice president of marketing and business development with ADP National Account Services.
Secord moves decisively away from such anachronistic analysis and makes the anonymity of the author, the book's publication history, and its readers central to his study.
John Secord, OMAA's community development officer, said "The purpose of this first meeting here is to bring everyone together into one room, so that we may provide information and discuss problems.