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SECOSSouth East Cheshire Ornithological Society (UK; est. 1964)
SECOSSexually Exploited Children on the Streets
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SECOS, which also identified sexually exploited adults, revealed that the "Joe Bloggs" preying on them in cars were white British males spanning all walks of life and it uncovered instances of prostitution involving children as young as 12.
SECOS cen-|tre manager Wendy Shepherd shows off the award with voulenteers, from the left, Alison Taylor, James Newton, Jan Pickersgill, Bianca Porter, Ellen Brogan and Louise Beagrie
ROBUST MEASURES: Wendy Shepherd from the SECOS project in Middlesbrough, right Picture by
As well as providing victims with counselling, SECOS also works to educate young people on the dangers of grooming and sex crimes, and also provides emergency accommodation.
However, when this information was checked with Barnardo's Children's Centre manager for SECOS (Sexual Exploitation of Children on Our Streets), Wendy Shepherd, it was discovered an error had been made.
Wendy Shepherd, manager of Barnardo's SECOS - Sexual Exploitation of Children on Our Streets - centre, said: "It's not unusual at all for a cycle to begin.
The SECOS - Sexual Exploitation of Children on Our Streets - project receives referrals from police, social services, education services, "missing from home" schemes and from victims and families.
We are now working closely with partners such as SECOS to identify and help those vulnerable individuals who may be targets for sexual exploitation.
Wendy Shepherd, children's centre manager at the SECOS project, said: "We are not surprised at all by an apparent increase in cases this year.
Middlesbrough has said the small number is a result of its work with Barnardos SECOS (Sexual Exploitation of Children On the Streets) project.
When SECOS started there were at least 250 women involved in adult prostitution in the town.