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SECSInternational Series in Engineering and Computer Science (academic publishing)
SECSSudanese Environment Conservation Society
SECSSemiconductor Equipment Communications Standard
SECSSchool of Engineering Computer Science (Independent University; Bangladesh)
SECSSimple European Character Set
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62) See IRS Letter Ruling 200440002 (10/1/04) (related parties successfully engaged in a Sec.
Treasury Department issued final regulations under Internal Revenue Code Sec.
For corporate taxpayers, the most significant TIPRA changes are the amendments to the Sec.
This same schedule forms the basis from which to track the carryover information on the "new" Sec.
The Code does not explicitly address capital losses for AMT purposes, and the court has never before addressed whether the Secs.
Notice 2005-14 offered interim guidance on the calculation of the deduction (including definitions of certain terms), the determination of DPGR, methods of allocating deductions and the application of Sec.
Death benefits provided through a pre-funded reserve cannot exceed $50,000, under Sec 419A(e)(2).
20) the question was whether the partners had sufficient basis under Secs.
AD Global Fund (the plaintiff) is a limited liability company treated as a partnership for Federal income tax purposes and subject to the Unified Partnership Procedures of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA); see Secs.
R's charitable deduction is $65,000 ($72,000 FMV--$7,000 Sec.