SECUState Employees Credit Union of Maryland
SECUSchool Employees Credit Union (various locations)
SECUSchlumberger Employees Credit Union (Texas)
SECUSaginaw Eaton Credit Union (Saginaw, Michigan)
SECUSecurity Financial Group, Inc.
SECUSexually Exploited Child Unit (Los Angeles Police Department; Los Angeles, CA)
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The SECU Foundation is the charitable and development arm of the $29 billion State Employees' Credit Union in Raleigh, N.
SECU seeks to compile a Roster with suitably skilled and experienced Compliance Experts with a focus in the sectors (social and environmental compliance) covered by the SES and in those regions where complaints are most likely to emerge.
Diebold's deposit automation technology will help to drastically reduce the frequency of our vendor cash management trips," said Leanne Phelps, SECU senior vice president, card services.
The SECU Summer Public Service Intern program will provide an opportunity to promote the culture of public service and foster a new generation of rural community leaders.
SECU conducts investigations in accordance with the Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations, and the SECU Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
SECU Senior Vice President of SECU*RE East Russ Taylor said, "What we are doing through SECU*RE is an extension of what we do with credit union foreclosed properties, but we can't do a project like this alone; we need the support of the community as well.
Operating on a 24/7 basis, SECU Contact Centers are now equipped with Unified Communications technology to seamlessly answer member calls in multiple areas of the State.
Upon successful completion of her community college studies in 2011, she wrote to SECU members, "I wanted to take the time to say thank you.
In past years, SECU has been using Federal Reserve Bank stress requirements as a guide to measure the effects of challenging environments on credit union capital, according to SECU CFO Mike Lord.
Under this new loan program, an SECU member who owes $2,000 in back taxes and interest can expect savings of approximately $700 via the waiver of penalties and fees on the taxes; one who owes $4,000 would save nearly $1,400 in penalties and fees on back taxes.
With the support of SECU Foundation, we'll now be able to engage even more young people.
From January 23rd through April 17th of 2012, members can contact any of SECU's 239 branches to schedule an appointment with a local SECU tax preparer.