SECVStandard Error of Cross Validation (statistics)
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The calibration performance was assessed using the coefficient of determination ([R.sup.2]c), the standard error of calibration (SEC), the standard error of cross-validation (SECV), and the ratio of performance to deviation (RPDc) calculated as the ratio of standard deviation of the reference data to SECV (Williams and Sobering 1993, Jones et al.
Equations that yielded the 1 - VR values closest to 1 and the lowest SECV values were chosen for predictions.
The two models were developed from oyster slurries of homogenized whole oyster meats, and the glycogen model had an [] of 0.94, an SECV of 0.36%, and an of 4.1.
1, lowest SECV was not consistently associated with one math transformation (Tables 4 and 5).
Abbreviations: FFRC, Farmers' Forage Research Coop; IVFD, in vitro digestibility of NDF; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; SEC, standard error of calibration; SECV, standard error of validation.
n SEC Variable ([dagger]) Terms Mean ([dagger]) IVDMD 79 7 71.28 1.16 NDF 79 6 37.42 1.17 CP 77 8 14.45 0.41 ADF 78 8 24.71 0.51 ADL 83 8 3.54 0.24 [R.sup.2] SECV 1-VR Variable ([dagger]) ([dagger]) ([dagger]) IVDMD 0.96 1.56 0.93 NDF 0.97 1.42 0.96 CP 0.99 0.58 0.99 ADF 0.99 0.87 0.98 ADL 0.97 0.41 0.93 ([dagger]) n, number of samples; SEC, standard error of calibration; [R.sup.2], coefficient of determination; SE CV, standard error of cross validation; 1-VR, validation coefficient of determination.
(#) SECV = standard error of cross-validation in modified partial least squares regression.
Math treatment n Range Mean [R.sup.2] ([dagger]) g kg [DM.sup.-1] 1,4,4,1 163 1.77-19.07 8.30 0.90 Math treatment 1-VR SEC SECV ([dagger]) ([double ([sections]) ([paragraph]) dagger]) g kg [DM.sup.-1] 1,4,4,1 0.86 0.89 1.06 ([dagger]) Math treatment = derivative order, gap, first smoothing, and second smoothing.
The calibration statistics for Study 1 were [R.sup.2] = 0.85, SEC = 19.6 g [kg.sup.-1], SECV = 2.38 g [kg.sup.-1].