SEDBUKSeasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK
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If the two types of machines were compared on a rating scale such as SEDBUK, then oil free compressors would appear as a less appealing option.
If we look at what SEDBUK did for the boiler industry, we would see that it certainly regulated the market, with the energy efficiency rating scheme being woven into legislation and directives such as Part L of the Building Regulations as an incentive to drive greater take up of energy saving solutions.
The SEDBUK rating, (Season Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK), is a Government backed scheme to help compare the energy performance of different boilers.
Worcester manufactures more than 100 models of Greenstar LPG, gas and oil-fired boilers all of which are A-rated on the SEDBUK scale, producing more than 90 per cent efficiency.
PLYMOUTH, England -- When a company offers to save you 40% on your fuel bill, halve carbon emissions and deliver 30% more hot water, by simply re-utilising flue gases from standard SEDBUK 'A' rated condensing boilers; you just have to sit up and listen.
If you have a SEDBUK Band G boiler, you may be entitled to a grant to help you replace it with a much more efficient model.
ON THE BOILER CHANGES to building regulations in April mean that all new gas boilers installed in homes in England and Wales [excluding Scotland] must be high efficiency condensing boilers (at least SEDBUK band A or B), which produce fewer harmful carbon dioxide emissions.