SEDECSocial and Economic Development Centre (Sri Lanka)
SEDECSocial Exclusion and the Development of European Citizenship
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Free movement of persons is one of the most popular accomplishments of the EU but labour mobility has been affected by deep changes in the European political and economic landscape, not least the financial crisis ", pointed out SEDEC Chair Yoomi RenstrE[micro]m (SE/PES), when introducing the debate.
SEDEC members said they were eagerly awaiting the European Commission's package on labour mobility.
The strategy of this project has been designed in order to prioritize the care of 10 priority states selected by SEDEC (Region Southern Santa Catarina , ParanEi and Rio Grande do Sul ; Southeast Minas Gerais , SEuo Paulo , EspE[degrees]rito Santo and Rio de Janeiro , Pernambuco Northeast Region , Alagoas and Bahia ) , especially with regard to the implementation of activities related to training and development of pilot risk management plans .