SEDIGScottish Eating Disorder Interest Group (UK)
SEDIGStanford Enneagram Discovery Inventory and Guide (psychology; book)
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Wel, hierdie woordeboek is beslis nie droog, vaal, vervelig of selfs so "sedig as 'n sermoen" nie.
Sedig and Sumner [64] have distinguished between basic and task-based interactions with visual mathematical representations (see Figure 1).
To design epistemologically sound MCTs, designers of these tools need to consider several interrelated issues, such as the pedagogical goals of the tool, the kinds of VMRs used, the possible techniques for interacting with VMRs, and the degree and types of interactivity or cognitive support (Sedig, Klawe, & Westrom, 2001; Gadanidis, Sedig, & Liang, 2004; Sedig, 2004; Sedig & Sumner, in press).
Just as alternative representations support alternative thinking styles, different interaction techniques allow learners to engage in different forms of reasoning (Sedig, Rowhani, Morey & Liang, 2003).
Maggie Gray, chair of the Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group (SEDIG) says: "Twenty per cent of people with anorexia die - it's the psychiatric disorder with the highest death rate.
For instance, Brown and Gardner (1985), Gamble and O'Doherty (1985), Robinson and Adler (1981), and Wallmark, McQueen, and Sedig (1988) used citations to assess the performance of academic departments.
Different visual representations can provide different insights to users by enabling them to observe data in context, to analyze these data and to draw different conclusions by using different analytical approaches (Eissele, & Weiskopf, 2009; Sedig, Liang, & Morey, 2009).
Hier tussen ai die plakkate wat die vele posisies demonstreer, tyk hulle te sedig om iemand te betas.
accompanied with scaffolding (Sedig et al., 2001; De Souza & Sedig,
Citation analysis has been used to map the development of fields of scientific inquiry (Small & Griffith, 1974); to estimate the quality of the scientific capabilities of countries in specific fields (Heeley, Rothman, & Hock, 1986); to assess the performance of academic departments (Wallmark, McQueen, & Sedig, 1988); and as the basis for the assessment of scientific and technical research programs (Narin & Rozek, 1988; Vinkler, 1986).
A statement issued yesterday by Isam Al-Haj, the spokesperson of the rebel faction, said the chief commander of the group, Sedig Abdel Karim, had been arrested and killed near Wau, capital of West Bahr Al-Ghazal State.