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Sobre el ciclo de vida de los SPL, vease Belussi y Sedita (2009) y Elola, Valdaliso, Lopez y Aranguren (2012).
(8) See the Appendice Documentale (Sedita 233-44) that contains the Allies' Psychological Warfare Branch (PWB) complete list of all subsidies to newspapers, reviews and news agencies.
In his dissent, Sedita decried the process by which the majority's report was produced.
According to Sedita (2005), "Every time we encounter a word in context, we remember something about the word" (p.
The cluster life cycle follows four phases: formation, development, maturity and renewal/decline (Belussi & Sedita, 2009).
Such a belief informs, among others, Belussi, Sammarra, and Sedita's (2008) explanation of the success of Emilia-Romagna's life sciences in terms of fruitful dense interactions.
La parte del hypomeron anterior a la quilla ligeramente excavada y con algunas sedas; la parte posterior chagrinada con alguna fina sedita. Zona media del metasternon chagrinada, con puntuacion mas definida hacia la parte posterior.
Sedita III confronted the issue both directly and publicly.
Sedita, were willing to work with black community leaders to find solutions to the grievances of black Buffalonians, particularly those who lived on the East Side.