SEDMSovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (religion)
SEDMSoutheast Europe Defense Ministerials
SEDMState-Based Energy Dissipation Model
SEDMState/EPA Data Management
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In the constant torque region, the speed of a SEDM could be varied from zero to rated speed mainly by varying armature voltage [V.sub.a], and hence controlling armature current [i.sub.a] in (3).
159-178; Iztok Prezelj, Counter-Terrorism Cooperation in South Eastern Europe: Analysis of an Example of SEDM Regional Initiative.
Angelov, who met with representatives of military producer Saab on Thursday to discuss their offer of Gripen fighter jets to Bulgaria, has pointed out the role of the Southeast Europe Defense Ministerial process (SEDM), a meeting format of Balkan defense ministers.
Septem psalmi poenitentiales quinque vocibus exornati = Sedm kajicich zalmu petihlasem vyzdobenych = Sicben Busspsalmen fur funf Stimmen = Seven Penitential Psalms for Five Voices.
Slovenia is engaged with 29 countries in bilateral military exchange--most actively with the U.S.--and in regional cooperative arrangements in central and southeast Europe; it is an active participant in Southeast European Defense Ministerial (SEDM) activities.
Table-III Mean Scores on the LEAD Scale for Low and High Age Groups and the Results of t-Test Variable Group N Mean SD SEDM t-value Style-1 Low 74 2.89 1.55 0.25 1.9 * High 88 2.39 1.43 Style-2 Low 74 8.03 1.95 0.32 0.88 High 88 5.78 1.75 Style-3 Low 74 2.88 1.44 0.30 -2.04 High 88 3.48 2.05 Style-4 Low 74 0.20 0.49 0.10 -1.59 High 88 0.38 0.89 Effective-ness Low 74 8.55 5.05 0.78 -0.49 High 88 8.94 4.12 * Significant at 0.05 level.
fora, including the Southeast Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM) and the
backing, the Southeast Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM) commenced annual meetings in 1996 to enhance transparency and build regional cooperation in Southeastern Europe.
SEEBRIG was established in 1998 by the South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM), an informal group of the area's defense ministers.
At the meeting of the South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial process (SEDM) in Rome, Italy, a decision was taken that Macedonia should host the main headquarters of the South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) from 2020 to 2026.
Cestovniruch ceka vlna propousteni, bude muset odejit sedm procent zamestnancu.