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SEDNASea-ice Experiment: Dynamic Nature of the Arctic
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Whatever put Sedna on its orbit should have put a whole bunch of other objects out there.
From the amount of sky searched, Sheppard and Trujillo determine that about 900 objects with orbits like Sedna and 2012 VP113 with sizes larger than 1000 km may exist and that the total population of the inner Oort cloud is likely bigger than that of the Kuiper Belt and main asteroid belt.
2004 Nasa announced the existence of Sedna, thought to be the 10th planet in our solar system.
24, the North Conway Grand Hotel in North Conway will be transformed into the Snow Princess Fantasy court of Snow Queen Sedna and her two daughters, Princess Aurora from the North Pole and Princess Stella from the South Pole.
What is 90377 Sedna, discovered by astronomers in 2003?
The planetoid Sedna, named for the goddess featured prominently in the book issuing warnings about global warming, is one of the coldest bodies in the Solar System.
The buckets--the large is named Sedna after the newest, farthest and coldest planet (discovered in 2003), and the smaller one Oort, after the Oort cloud in outer space--retail from $50 to $70 and come in two styles: brown with orange interior and slate with glacier interior.
Since then, scientists have found several Kuiper belt objects (KBOs) that are nearly as big as Pluto, including one called Sedna (see "Planets on the Edge").
And all then would be relatively well, if only some trouble-making astronomers had not already got a dozen more "candidate planets" on their "watchlist", with more Pluto-like objects and names like Varuna, Vesta, Orcus,Quaor and Sedna.
This isn't a riddle it's just one of the questions received by the crew of the Sedna IV research expedition to Antarctica.
The Sedna is a two bedroom apartment from pounds 125,995, tel: (0191) 469-7408.