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SEDNASea-ice Experiment: Dynamic Nature of the Arctic
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For example, the most distant one, the dwarf planet Sedna, goes around the sun five times in about the same amount of time that its neighbor, 2010 GB174, completes eight orbits.
West Coast moon is from Roy Henry Vickers; from the North is Sedna, the source of all creatures of the sea; the two feathers acknowledge the Metis and peoples of the grasslands and woodlands; the fluidity and grace of East Coast peoples is echoed in the ochre swirls; and the floating figures are the spirits and presence of the missing and murdered women: our mothers and daughters, our sisters and aunties and grandmothers.
The 18K OMEGA Sedna gold bezel is enhanced by a matt black ceramic ring with a tachymeter scale a defining element of the Speedmaster collection.
Enjoying international success, she also became famous for rendering bold female nudes in stone, and her version of Sedna (the oft-depicted legendary Inuit sea goddess) had jutting breasts and unmistakable sensuality.
The 40 mm De Ville Tresor models are available with a polished 18K Omega Sedna gold, 18K yellow gold or 18K white gold case.
Stevenson draws on creation myths, sea legends and folklore, combining the Inuit sea goddess Sedna and Skeleton Woman with the story of a disabled young Scots teenager.
Beyond this, there appears to be an edge to the Solar System where only one object, Sedna, was previously known to exist for its entire orbit.
Offshore data are also available from the Sea Ice Experiment-Dynamic Nature of the Arctic (SEDNA), a field campaign conducted at an ice camp in the Beaufort Sea (IARC, 2011).
The case has been crafted from 18k Sedna gold, a rose gold alloy whose composition means that its colour and lustre will be especially long lasting.
1 Some wells may have been in production less than a year, and younger wells tend to produce more than mature welts 2 Australian parent company of BHP Bitliton Petroleum (Fayettevitle) LLC 3 Assets formerly owned by Sedna Energy inc.
It has been christened Sedna Gold by Omega, with reference to a trans-Neptunian object.