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SEDOSustainable Energy Development Office (Australia)
SEDOSociedad Española de Ortodoncia (Spain)
SEDOSociedad Espanola de Optica (Spanish: Spanish Optics Society; est. 1968)
SEDOSmall Enterprise Development Organization (various locations)
SEDOSocio-Economic Development Organisation (various locations)
SEDOSouth Eastern Development Organization (Tanzania)
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Maher Abu Sedo, an area resident, said the two strikes came within seconds of each other.
Works by Janice Radway, and Danielle Fuller and DeNell Rehberg Sedo, deserve a mention too, as lively contributions to a growing field of interest.
(10.) Lopez Gibert J, Sedo Fortuny R, Ramirez Felipe JA.
According to Jeff Sass, .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer, "During our Sunrise period, we believe it is important for brands and other trademark holders to register their respective name, as '' is a logical, memorable and highly marketable domain name for a brand's community of customers and fans, including their communities on social media." If there are multiple applicants with rights to the same trademark, the process will proceed to auction, which will be managed by SEDO, the world's largest domain marketplace.
At the end of the 1990s and in the 2000s, the Czech party system was referred to a number of experts at home and abroad as more-or-less structured, established and relatively stable, and/or as one of the most stable party systems in the region of post-communist Central and Eastern Europe (see, e.g., Birch, 2003; Pseja, 2005; Sedo, 2007; Deegan-Krause & Haughton, 2010; Koubek, 2010; Stegmaier & Vlachova, 2011; Hanley, 2011; Sedo, 2011; Charvat, 2012).
According to CNN, Yahoo will run the auction through from Nov.