SEDOSService of Documentation and Studies (Catholic Church)
SEDOSStock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society (London, England)
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The 2003 SEDOS seminar aims to be a life-giving interreligious encounter, offering prospects and hopes for dialogue to all participants.
In its two-year preparation period for this second seminar, SEDOS invited experts especially from its member congregations to work on the various themes impacting and questioning mission.
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The Catholic report originated in a regular meeting of the Documentation and Research Center (SEDOS) held at Rome in April 2000.
O'Brien is associate director of the Service of Documentation and Study, SEDOS, a depository and retrieval system for all sorts of information about missions, mission programs and mission countries (see accompanying story).
The Kingdom of God: Jesus' principle of action in the world, SEDOS Bulletin 38 (1/2) 2006, 223-231.18.
There I spent four years as the director of SEDOS (Servizio de Documentazione e Studi), the Italian acronym for the Center of Documentation and Study.
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In the world of mission studies Servizio di Documentazione e Studi (SEDOS) in Rome is a well-respected institute.