SEDPSpecial Education and Disability Policy (Virginia Commonwealth University)
SEDPSociety and Development Partners
SEDPStrategic Economic Development Plan (various locations)
SEDPSecondary Education Development Program
SEDPSecondary Education Development Plan
SEDPSocial Economic Development Plan
SEDPSustainable Energy Development Program
SEDPStudent Environmental Developement Program (US EPA)
SEDPSocio Economic Development Programme (India)
SEDPStrategic European Deployment Plan
SEDPSoftware Engineering Development Plan
SEDPSystems Engineering Development Plan
SEDPSilent Electric Discharge Plasma
SEDPSystem Engineering Development Proposal
SEDPSpace Environmental Detection System
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To check the significant difference between proportions of patients with clean mastoid cavity in both methods, statistical test for (SEDP) standard error of difference of proportions was applied with 5% level of significance.
Terrado said SEDP aimed to create a pipeline of new businesses that would thrive in the innovation economy-products and services that were 'run by algorithms which enable SMEs to scale even further.'
With regards to socio-economic planning, since 2003 local People's Councils were granted the authority to coordinate, and allocate the budget, and finalize SEDPs for their respective levels.
SEDP. The Ministry has developed a National Policy for Women and
Rwanda Sustainable Energy Development Project (SEDP)
The Government has pushed this agenda since its election in 1998, and its second Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP II, 2001-2005), released in 2001, reaffirms the focus on economic growth and poverty reduction.
The South Egypt Development Project (SEDP) is the biggest of the land creation schemes, comprising three separate projects--Toshka, East Oweinat and the New Valley oases.
With some colleagues I was asked to design and deliver a programme, to be called the SEDP (Senior Executive Development Programme), for senior management of Safeway, a large retail company.
The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has thus far implemented three five-year Socio-Economic Development Plans (SEDP [1996-2000]; SEDP [2001-05]; and the National Strategic Development Plan [2006-10]) alongside the National Poverty Reduction Strategy and Cambodia's Millennium Development Goals (CMDGs).