SEDPSpecial Education and Disability Policy (Virginia Commonwealth University)
SEDPSociety and Development Partners
SEDPStrategic Economic Development Plan (various locations)
SEDPSecondary Education Development Program
SEDPSecondary Education Development Plan
SEDPSocial Economic Development Plan
SEDPSustainable Energy Development Program
SEDPStudent Environmental Developement Program (US EPA)
SEDPSocio Economic Development Programme (India)
SEDPStrategic European Deployment Plan
SEDPSoftware Engineering Development Plan
SEDPSystems Engineering Development Plan
SEDPSilent Electric Discharge Plasma
SEDPSystem Engineering Development Proposal
SEDPSpace Environmental Detection System
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Following on from the SEDP, the company undertook a big change programme and one senior manager told me that, although it had taken time, many of the new management principles espoused during the courses were now part and parcel of the new corporate culture.
Targeted at startups and innovation entrepreneurs, SEDP aims to usher in a new breed of enterprises by enhancing the business environment conducive for growth and development of startup businesses.
SEDP is expected to help enhance the climate for startup businesses, increase the success rate of Filipino innovative enterprises in introducing their products and services in the local and international markets.
While the risk of major policy reversals is mitigated by continuity in the broad reform directions in the new SEDP (2016-2020), impact of the series could be undermined by piecemeal reform implementation either due to lack of resources, capacity constraints, weak policy and implementation coordination or resistance from special interest groups.
The services are managed and controlled by the Company for the Study and Developpement Patrimonial - SEDP - subsidiary of RATP, on behalf of RATP, which received a management mandate.
These supports include DANIDA on going support to DSEE, UNDP s support to Strategic Development Plan and SEDP, UNDP s support to SLGP, and particularly UNDP s supports to MARD, MONRE dealing with Climate Change.
The services are provided by the Society for the Study and Development Patrimonial - SEDP, a subsidiary of RATP, on behalf of the RATP has received a management client.