SEDRESedimentology Report (oil exploration)
SEDRESea Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise
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Before the SEDRE and SPOD operations began, the 833rd Transportation Battalion aggressively refined its tactical SOP that focused on the unit's mobility.
The success of the simultaneous SEDRE and SPOD operations was a direct reflection of the coordination and collaboration of partners exercising the mission.
The 597th Transportation Brigade used best practices learned from previous SEDRE and SPOD operations to streamline the planning process.
In any of these scenarios, the SEDRE at Oakland would provide outstanding training for a large number of active and Reserve personnel while exercising an important power-projection port.
Combining SEDREs with unit movements to the National Training Center has become an outstanding driver for training the active and Reserve components in deployment and transportation operations.
In the future, SEDREs are likely to include west coast power-projection ports in Oakland, San Diego, Long Beach, Port Hueneme, and Seattle.
Army Pacific (USARPAC) rapid reaction force, each with an EDRE and a heavy battalion task force from the East Coast with a SEDRE.
The Program Objective Memorandum for 2015 to 2019 reflects these priorities and includes three EDREs and one SEDRE.
le directeur Gnral de la SEDRE agissant au nom et pour le compte de la Commune de Saint-Andr
SEDRE staff: 95 CDI and 5 Cdd Number of frames: 33 Number of non - managers (supervisors and employees): 67.
The buildings can be collective living from R-1 to R + 4 (max) with halls and stairwells, or type subdivision with individual entries, with subdivision townhouses with outdoor area or collective dustbins with streets not retroceded whose cleanliness is within the SEDRE.