SEDRESea Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise
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Army Pacific (USARPAC) rapid reaction force, each with an EDRE and a heavy battalion task force from the East Coast with a SEDRE.
The Program Objective Memorandum for 2015 to 2019 reflects these priorities and includes three EDREs and one SEDRE.
The Army will use level III EDREs and SEDREs to validate unit readiness to rapidly deploy and will continue to require assessments of force projection capabilities at key installations, depots, and ports to identify gaps in future programming regarding facilities, people, and equipment.
The well-established training model that combines SEDRES and NTC rotations can easily be applied to a SEDRE on the west coast.
In any of these scenarios, the SEDRE at Oakland would provide outstanding training for a large number of active and Reserve personnel while exercising an important power-projection port.
Combining SEDREs with unit movements to the National Training Center has become an outstanding driver for training the active and Reserve components in deployment and transportation operations.
For the attention of: Monsieur le directeur general de la SEDRE