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SEDSStudents for the Exploration and Development of Space
SEDSStatewide Eating Disorder Service (Australia)
SEDSSoftware Engineering Decision Support
SEDSState Energy Data System
SEDSSmall Expendable Deployer System
SEDSSystem Engineering Detailed Schedule
SEDSStandard Enhancement and Discrepancy System
SEDSSystem Effectiveness Data System
SEDSSC4 Enhancement and Discrepancy System
SEDSSensor Evolutionary Development Program (Defense Support Program satellite)
SEDSSolution Enhanced Dispersion of Supercritical Fluids
SEDSStatistical Exception Detection System
SEDSSociety for Educational Data Systems
SEDSSpace Electronics Design Standards
SEDSSystem Engineering Development Specification
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iOpal and Innodisk's SEDs are perfect for mission-critical and heavy-loading environments, such as aerospace and server applications.
The few studies that have attempted to assess the cost-effectiveness of SEDs or training in reducing NSIs were either single-centre studies with limited cost perspectives [26-29] or did not undertake any uncertainty analysis.
"Everyone at SEDS is really excited about the news," SEDS-USA Chair Andrew Newman said.
(10.) Because we did not have direct access to the SEDS microdata, we could not ensure that it was cleaned in the same manner as our MSIS file.
Wheat varieties grown in Sharkia are considered of the high yielding varieties recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation including Gemmeza 7 and 9, Seds 12.
Here the energy consumptions of 'SEDs' and 'Other' categories have been divided among Night, Day-1 and Day-2 portions.
MATTA -- A bookfair forum was arranged by Asia foundation in collaboration with Swat Education Development Society (SEDS) on Tuesday in The Swat Grammar School (TSGS) Sambat Cham.
The Test for the Assessment of Behavioral and Emotional Problems (SEDS; Hutton & Roberts, 1990) is a 32-item scale on which the teacher indicates the frequency (never, occasionally, or frequently) of each student's behavior.
We describe our method to calculate the SEDs of these theoretical galaxies and the corresponding broad band magnitudes and colors in Section 4.
This development generated the following processes which are detailed in the sequence: Supercritical AntiSolvent with Enhanced Mass transfer (SAS-EM), Aerosol Solvent Extraction System (ASES), Precipitation with Compressed Antisolvent (PCA), the Solution Enhanced Dispersion by Supercritical Fluids (SEDS) and the Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Emulsions (SFEE) (HAKUTA et al., 2003).
DS: Sedentary Death Syndrome, or SeDS, is the term developed by more than 200 leading physiologists to bring attention to the growing epidemic of physical inactivity and poor nutrition, and their relationship to chronic, preventable diseases.