SEDSSSandia Environmental Decision Support System Project
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Upon dilution in aqueous physiological fluids of GI tract and with the gentle agitation provided by peristaltic movements, SEDSs are able to spread readily and self-emulsify spontaneously, forming fine o/w emulsions (50 nm > droplet size > 250 nm), that keep the active agent in solubilized form [134-136].
This provides SEDSs with a high capacity to solubilize the loaded Phy in the GI tract and to enhance its release and absorption and oral bioavailability [136-138].
Besides improving oral bioavailability of poor water-soluble Phy, SEDSs show multiple advantages.
(ii) SEDSs protecting loaded Phy against enzymatic degradation and avoid its first-pass hepatic metabolism
(iii) SEDSs providing higher loading capacity than conventional lipid solutions