SEECOSouthern Electrical Equipment Company, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)
SEECOSoftware Engineering Education Community
SEECOStandard Electric & Engineering Company
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Selling to SEECO (full market value including your labor on improvements) might be your best alternative.
So when La Playa Sextette recorded their Discotheque Latino album for Seeco Records--"a compact library of only Latin-American dance tempos"--it only made sense to include "The Catskill Cha-Cha" next to "Brazil" and "La Cumparsita."
Alan Stubblefield, assumed a more national job at Southwestern Energy, Seeco's parent company, focused on drilling and completions.
I have had to deal with four different people from SEECO. They use the same lines and techniques, in the same order as the original guy did.
Later on, Valdes' recordings with his own orchestra for Musicraft, Verne, Seeco, Verve, Tico, Orfeon, and other labels in Latin America helped to spread his international fame even more.
Borelli Music, Lou Borelli Octet at the Brookfield Concert Series, $700; Brookfield Elementary School, Grade 4 trip to Worcester Art Museum, $390; Christine Costello at Tantasqua Senior High School, Joshua Guerraz, guest artist, $300; Marissa Grimaldi-Guerraz, guest artist, $200; Tantasqua Show Choir program, $300; Lucy Colwell at Tantasqua High School, Jerry Seeco, artist in residence, $240; Merrick Public Library, Wild Reads!
In 1951, he chose to record eight tunes with Noro Morales' orchestra for the Seeco label: Babalu, Bambarito, La negra Leono, Marimba, Rumba rumbero, Escucha mi son, Rumba ritmica and Walter Winchell Rhumba.
Borelli Music, $700, for the Lou Borelli Octet at the Brookfield Concert Series; Brookfield Elementary School, $390, for a Grade 4 Worcester Art Museum Trip; Christine Costello at Tantasqua Senior High School, $300, for the Joshua Guerraz guest artist; Marissa Grimaldi-Guerraz guest artist, $200, Tantasqua Show Choir Program, $300; Lucy Colwell at Tantasqua High School, $240 for Jerry Seeco, artist-in-residence; Merrick Public Library, $215, for the "Wild Reads!
La Plata Sextet- Swings at the Raliegh Hotel (Seeco)
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Lively, L-A = Long-Airdox, Mc = McNally Systems, MP = Minerals Processing, NH = Norton Hambleton, Nor = Norwest, Pet = Peters Equipment, Pow = Powell Construction, PM = Process Machinery, Ram = Ramsey, R&S = Roberts & Schaefer, Rol = Roller, See = Seeco, Sim = Simon Carves, Tag = Taggart (Forge acquired Taggart in 2013), Wil = Wilmont, Wem = Wemco Key to header: Raw feed = capacity (tons per hour), Quality = lb-S[O.sub.2]/mmBtu (<1.2, low sulfur; 1.2-2.5, medium sulfur; and >2.5, high sulfur), HM = Heavy Media; WO = Water Only, LD = Large Diameter (greater than 30 inches), Cycl = Cyclones, Ves.