SEEDASouth East England Development Agency
SEEDASupporting Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Development in Africa (UK)
SEEDASaskatchewan Employment Equity And Diversity Association
SEEDASelf Employees Economic Development Association (Sri Lanka)
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Past uses of similar funds by the SEEDA board comprise rendering $200,000 in matching funds toward the grant application for Phase II of WYO Performing Arts and Education Center, and contributing to the Wyoming Theater Festival.
SEEDA has asked the Mirror to point out since purchasing it, it has increased the business occupancy from 50% to 100% (Quango's Dim Move, page 27, March 11).
One of the latest RFOs to be approved is GROW, led by SEEDA (the South East of England Development Agency), with partners in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain.
There are two parties involved in owning the site, Tipner Regeneration has proven unhelpful but SEEDA [South East England Development Agency], a Government agency, is sympathetic.
SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) has announced the launch of its Food Technology Enterprise Hub aimed at technical and knowledge-based companies.
The Phone Co-op is based in Chipping Norton; the local retail cooperative society, Oxford, Swindon and Gloucester, is very supportive, providing registration costs and some start-up funding; and Oxfordshire Rural Broadband (ORB) is an active county-wide community enterprise, supported by both SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) and Oxfordshire County Council and set up to encourage broadband take-up--and where this is too difficult because of unrealistic trigger levels, or in exchange areas with no trigger levels, to identify and implement other solutions, (5)
SEEDA said it wanted to "create a visual marker" for its regeneration plans and hired designers to make the 100-LED display, which changes colour at set times.
Even in Ashford, where the Greater Ashford development framework is broadly contiguous with the Ashford Borough Council boundary, there is a pile of overlaying authority and quango interests to be managed (English Partnerships, SEEDA, ODPM, Kent County Council, and Ashford Borough Council), and real progress is not yet obvious.
I know there was a meeting between SEEDA and the local council on Wednesday," said Graham yesterday, "although I've not been made aware of what the outcome was in terms of any effect on our situation.
Employers will include Tesco, BSkyB, the Metropolitan Police, the Greater London Authority and SEEDA (the South East England Development Agency) which is sponsoring the zone.
The Leatherhead Enterprise Centre is a joint venture between SEEDA and Leatherhead Food International (LFI), on whose site it is located.