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SEEGSharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)
SEEGSigaba Email Encryption Gateway
SEEGSlavonic and East European Group (libraries)
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Northwestern Memorial Hospital is one of just a few centers in the country to offer SEEG as a treatment option for epilepsy.
The new pipeline will be laid between Batanga (Perenco) facility, Port-Gentil and Libreville for gas delivery to the SEEG (Societe d'Energie et d'Eau du Gabon) facilities.
In Gabon alone, 25,000 workers (5% of the country's total workforce) lost their jobs as a result of the privatisation of the OPT telecoms company and the SEEG water and electricity corporation.
Additional processes such as content filtering and virus scanning can be integrated with the SEEG inside the firewall, allowing the corporation to fully manage their email.
In 1997, Gabon's government got away with demanding that the new private operators of SEEG, the country's electricity and water utility, would have to invest as much as $800m to upgrade and modernise the company's systems and would also have to reduce existing tariffs by 18%.