SEELBSouth Eastern Education and Library Board (UK)
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But a spokesman for the SEELB defended their Halloween instructions.
Seamus Searson from union Nasuwt said: "It's appalling a school should have to dip into it own coffers to help hard-working teachers pay their bills when the responsibility lies with the SEELB and the Department of Education.
To develop the existing IP Telephony system in SEELB, including a new LAN Network infrastructure, and capture costs to extend the current system to SELB HQ in Armagh by April 2015, and any subsequent extensions to other Boards.
Contract notice: Maintenance of the SEELB fleet of Vehicles from 1.
Discussions over its recovery plan were postponed until next Tuesday because the SEELB chief executive was on holiday.
The amalgamation was approved to take place on 1 September 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter but following discussions with local representatives the SEELB and the Depart.
Installation and Commissioning of Cashless Catering Systems as required to SEELB Catering Service in Northern Ireland for the period February 2014 to 31.
The SEELB draft Primary Area Plan highlighted the significant level of unfilled places in the maintained sector in this area and it is important we address this issue for the benefit of local pupils.