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SEEPSSociety for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (Kanagawa, Japan)
SEEPSSustainability Education in European Primary Schools
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The team thinks that many of the newly-discovered seeps may be related to the breakdown of a special kind of "methane ice" or gas hydrate, a frozen combination of methane and water stable in sediments below 500 or more meters, or 1,640 feet, of ocean water, Skarke said.
and colleagues were surprised to find a hybrid site in an area where only cold seeps had been reported.
Like man-made sources of carbon dioxide, the seeps are making the water around them more acidic.
White House energy adviser Carol Browner told the CBS television that the seep was found less than 3 kilometers from the well site.
And it potentially offered a better way to find and sample cold seeps for the marine geochemists leading the expedition, Dave Valentine of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Chris Reddy of WHOI.
Bill Flint, SUIT senior petroleum engineer, offered a similar sentiment: "The aerial mapping enabled us to visualize these seeps and plumes for the first time, giving us a unique perspective on what was happening at ground level.
Seeps are relatively common throughout Illinois, but most are small, and these communities and the associated plant species seldom have been studied in detail.
Since cyanide can be fatal to humans and wildlife, mines must ensure that none of the noxious mixture seeps into the groundwater.
In short, by not mowing it's nearly impossible to monitor seeps.
Stalactites, stalagmites, and other cave deposits form when water picks up minerals as it percolates through sediments and then seeps into a cave.
This Open Eye: Swollen shut the right/eye seeps semi-clotted/blood that streams/and blotches a map of/hell across the three-/year-old face.