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SEEPSSustainability Education in European Primary Schools
SEEPSSociety for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (Kanagawa, Japan)
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The wetland vascular flora of four seeps in McDonough County, Illinois.
The most abundant ones are forms of calcium carbonate deposited when mineral-rich waters seep into an open space underground.
"The hot hydrothermal vents are a much more vigorous, variable and ephemeral environment than the cold hydrocarbon seeps," says Penn State biologist Charles Fisher.
According to the study, about 1.12 billion tons of seawater seeps under Earth's crust a year.
Gas hydrate, they have found, is an integral part of seeps. Plugs of structure II gas hydrate--the kind that contains propane and other gases in addition to methane--line the vents where gas bubbles are escaping into the water.
The pilots also say they must often dump oily bilge into riverways or risk sinking because their boats are not equipped with the proper machinery to separate oil from the water that seeps in.
A 639-bp portion of the COI gene from the SCB vestimentiferan was identical to that of an Escarpia spicata individual sampled from cold seeps (Transform Fault) in the Gulf of California (Table I).
The area is rich in natural petroleum seeps which have been present at least for several hundreds of years, making this an interesting site of chronic petroleum exposure.
Still further, sun seeps into soil, a ripening of seed and fruit.
He is a member of the Institute's board of examiners and the SEePS peer review committee--and was the committee's 1986 to 1987 chair.