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SEER-SEMSoftware Evaluation and Estimation of Resources - Software Estimating Model
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The SEER-SEM Studio Edition's independent crosscheck now includes both user and Galorath data providing a second estimate based solely on data for organizations with strict governance or audit requirements.
This latest version of SEER-SEM will significantly improve the user's overall project planning and estimation experience," said Karen McRitchie, vice president of development.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Galorath Incorporated, a leading provider of advanced modeling tools for project estimation, planning and project control, announced that SEER-SEM with SEER-CriticalMass has been validated to IBM's Ready for IBM Rational software offering.
By using SEER-SEM, Ford will be able to estimate each program's cost, risk, effort, schedule, lifecycle, scope and return, all within the same framework so programs can be evaluated holistically and prioritized when compared to business goals.
This certification now allows PMI's Project Management Professionals (PMPs) who participate in PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements Program (CCR) to receive up to 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for taking the SEER-SEM Core and Advanced Training Courses.
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company first licensed SEER-SEM more than five years ago.
The addition of Flexible Activities & Labor Allocations to the SEER-SEM software model is a huge milestone for us," says Karen McRitchie, vice president of development at Galorath Incorporated.
SEER-SEM can then be used to provide insight into the project's cost, schedule, effort, risk and reliability and ultimately to create a detailed project plan against which project performance may be monitored and controlled.
The SEER-SEM Project Manager Edition provides credible estimates for project plans that are then monitored and controlled throughout the software development lifecycle, from proposal through implementation and maintenance.
SEER-SEM is a powerful decision-support tool that accurately estimates cost, labor, staffing, schedule, reliability, and risk associated with all types of software development projects.
It enables all personnel at any of the 15 Command sites to use both the software model, SEER-SEM, and the hardware model, SEER-H.
Included with the SEER-SEM Project Manager Edition bundle, PPMC expands the SEER functionality to provide a complete solution for project managers and decision makers.