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SEER-SEMSoftware Evaluation and Estimation of Resources - Software Estimating Model
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This latest version of SEER-SEM will significantly improve the user's overall project planning and estimation experience," said Karen McRitchie, vice president of development.
Included in the new risk analysis tools for SEER-SEM 7.
A report publishing feature allows SEER-SEM reports to be exported to many formats, including PDF, ACEIT, Excel, and HTML.
By using SEER-SEM, Ford will be able to estimate each program's cost, risk, effort, schedule, lifecycle, scope and return, all within the same framework so programs can be evaluated holistically and prioritized when compared to business goals.
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company first licensed SEER-SEM more than five years ago.
The new SEER-SEM Client for Microsoft Project enables software project teams to develop well-structured, realistic plans to achieve schedules and cost goals.
As an every-day tool, the SEER-SEM Client for Microsoft Project can be used to initiate project plans based on very little initial information, and then to update and fine-tune as more concrete information is gained along the way.
In quantifying the Y2KA problem for a major American corporation, Galorath engineers used SEER-SEM, their software estimating application, to determine that the company needed to renovate 682 different systems, comprising over 44 million lines of code.
In addition to SEER-Year2K, the software product line consists of SEER-SEM (Software Estimation Model); SEER-DFM (Design for Manufacturing); SEER-H (Hardware Estimation Model); SEER-SSM (Software Sizing Model); SEER-HLC (Hardware Life Cycle); and SEER-IC (Integrated Circuits).
The products include SEER-SEM for software development; SEER-SSM for software sizing; SEER-H for hardware development; SEER-HLC for hardware life cycle costs; SEER-IC for integrated circuit development; and SEER-DFM, design for manufacturability.