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figures quoted in SEERAD 2007) and the estimate of error associated with this figure implies a degree of replication, but the details of methodology are inadequate to allow any evaluation of the spatial and temporal variation that this figure represents.
``A transfer to SEERAD will open exciting opportunities for community ownership and management, if appropriate democratic processes reveal that this is what the crofters and wider community of Barra and Vatersay want.''
Mr Hepburn was awarded his Higher National Diploma (HND) in agriculture at the East of Scotland College of Agriculture (now part of SAC) and spent nine years with the Department of Agriculture (now SEERAD) in Thurso where he met Katherine who is a member of the Coghill family from Skinnet, well-known cattle and sheep breeders in Caithness.
The leaked report by a SEERAD official warns "spillage during a planting operation is almost inevitable" and "warning signs should be used in treated areas." The report also describes danger to people who dig up newly planted, treated potatoes.
It provides national experts from inside and outside the red meat industry and also representatives from Seerad and Nawad on the steering committee.
According to the NBA both Defra and Seerad have been advised that the difficult paper trail currently surrounding individual calf movements can be replaced by email coverage for entire consignments.
MLC's Signet Breeding Services manager Sam Boon said: "These new breeding tools have been developed from extensive research conducted by MLC, SAC, Defra and SEERAD that identifies cow size, age at first calving, reproductive success and replacement rate as the major maternal factors contributing to UK beef profitability.
SEERAD and key beef sector stakeholders including NFUS, QMS and the Institute of Auctioneers will be advised of the change in NBA representation and asked to direct future correspondence to Kim Haywood at 23, Fair-a-Far Cottages, Whitehouse Road, Edinburgh EH4 6PQ.
The NBA supported the Seerad decision to introduce additional TB testing for cattle moving into Scotland from high risk TB areas when it was first put forward and continues to encourage protection of the Scottish herd from incoming disease.
It is calling on Defra, SEERAD and the Welsh Assembly to address this issue by releasing the money needed.
The Oatlink project, including partners from the turkey industry, the oat industry and HGCA, and sponsored by Defra and SEERAD under the Sustainable Arable LINK programme, aims to develop advanced breeding techniques to improve the selection of high performance oat varieties and match them to specific markets for human and animal consumption.
Defra, Seerad and ARAD have each proposed that all non-pedigree male beef cattle are placed in one of four valuation categories (calves up to two months, cattle two months to 12 months, cattle 12 months to 24 months and cattle over 24 months.)