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SEETSustainable Energy Education and Training (Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center; Bettendorf, IA)
SEETSeasonal Extreme Environmental Test (heating and cooling systems)
SEETStrengthening Environmental Education in Thailand
SEETSoftware Engineering Education and Training (IEEE Conference)
SEETStress-Echo Ergometer Tests (cardiovascular diagnostics)
SEETTreadmil Speed and Endurance Exercise Test
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David Meddings, in his role as a director of SEET Plc, was a trustee of The
SEET models the near-Earth space environment and its expected impact on space vehicles, and models energetic particle flux and magnetic field distributions.
Rick Quinn, Manager of AER's Space and Interactions Group, will discuss the algorithms behind SEET on Thursday, October 9 from 10:45 - 11:30 a.
Packaged in a convenient, lightweight tote, The SEET is composed of a proprietary EVA/rubber, closed-cell compound, which provides a virtually waterproof cushion.
Brayton Marketing Group LLC is the auto racing marketing specialist for The SEET and is pleased to be involved in the project.
The SEET will be sold exclusively at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway gift shops.
16, 2010, AEP Ohio withdrew an agreement reached in late November with several parties that would have resolved pending cases in front of the Public Service Commission of Ohio (PUCO), including the company's SEET, fuel adjustment clause (FAC), and the merger application for CSP and OPC.