SEEUSouth East European University (Republic of Macedonia)
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Tonic Media, whose exper- tise includes digital marketing, online user insight mining, social media, application/micro-site devel- opment, online brand building and digital ad man- agement, will exclusively lead the digital strategy for SeeU, it said in a statement.
Jeton Sasivari, deputy dean of the Law Faculty of SEEU explains that according to the procedure, the Master's candidate must have passed all exams in order to take the Master's thesis.
Fadil Memed Zendeli, Associate Professor, Fadil Memed Zendeli, PhD, SEEU University, Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences, Phone: 0038976200334, Email:
International realtions theories, discipline and diversity, translated from the original: Arjan Starova and Enri Hide, SEEU press, Tirana.
The empirical part of this research, done in the period 2012-2013, is based on semi-structured interviews (21 basic questions) with 25 alumni of different private and state universities in Macedonia, a survey (a sample of 1000 university students), a focus group (master students), a questionnaire on the Universities' Code of Ethics (5 universities, SEEU, SUT, FON, Balkan University, SS Cyril and Methodius) and a round table (university professors, media, NGO representatives, analysts etc.).
Based on the results from focus groups realized on November 30, 2013 at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration at SEEU, with Master students, with the assistance of Prof.
Based on the careful analysis of statistical data that were acquired from the research of the public opinion in the Albanian student population studying at both the SEEU and SUT, we could conclude that almost all of them think in the same analytical frequency.
* We had common history and we have common future, the only thing between is the conflict --Stjepan Masic, SEEU Tetovo 07.11.2012
The author emphasizes the case of SEEU (South-East European University) established in 2001 as a major crossroad facing the challenges of the Macedonian society at the beginning of the new millennium.