SEEUSouth East European University (Republic of Macedonia)
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Jeton Sasivari, deputy dean of the Law Faculty of SEEU explains that according to the procedure, the Master's candidate must have passed all exams in order to take the Master's thesis.
Based on the results from focus groups realized on November 30, 2013 at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration at SEEU, with Master students, with the assistance of Prof.
There was a round table organized at SEEU on December 24 2013 about a very interesting matter, i.
People Centred Analyses: Quality of Social Services (Tetovo: SEEU & UNDP, 2010), 48.
Studentot dhe lovizjet globale, politike dhe religjioze (Tetovo: SEEU, 2008), 73, 79.
10 Years Ohrid Framework Agreement, Tetove: SEEU,2011.
Vojislav Kiranxhiq, mayor of Cucer Sandevo municipality (a small municipality in the hills of Karadak near Skopje), an ethnic Serb, in a debate abort the development of rural areas in October 2008 in which representatives of the SEEU also took place said: When it comes to the conflict of 2001, I am in favor of Albanians.