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SEFSearch Engine Friendly
SEFServiço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (Portugal; Portuguese Immigration and Border Control Office)
SEFSeverely Errored Frame
SEFSex Education Forum
SEFSwap Execution Facility
SEFSpectral Edge Frequency
SEFSankara Eye Foundation
SEFSociété d'Ethnologie Française (French: French Society of Ethnology)
SEFSomatosensory Evoked Field (aka Somatic Evoked Field)
SEFSocial Enterprise Fund (Canada)
SEFSource Explicit Forwarding
SEFSociété Entomologique de France (French: French Entomological Society)
SEFSociedad Española de Fitopatología (Spanish: Spanish Society of Phtyopathology)
SEFSensitive Earth Fault
SEFSelf Extinguishing Fabric (Modacrylic)
SEFSysteme d'Encheres (French: Bridge card game bidding system)
SEFSchool Evaluation Framework (UK)
SEFSinfonia Educational Foundation
SEFShort Edge First (printer paper handling)
SEFSystème d'Enseignement Français (French: French Education System; book)
SEFSharp Electronics France
SEFServices Emplois Familiaux (French: Family Services Jobs)
SEFsealift enhancement feature (US DoD)
SEFSustaining Engineering Facility
SEFSoftware Enhancement Form
SEFSPECAT Exclusive For
SEFSociété Européenne de Formation (French: European Society of Training)
SEFSociété d'Equipements de Fonderie (French engineering company)
SEFSecure Enclave Firewall
SEFSection Économique et Financière (French: Economic and Financial Department)
SEFSign Each Frame
SEFShape Error Forecasting
SEFShadow Event Facility (DataDirect)
SEFSocial Engine Forum (website)
SEFScottish Environmental Forum (UK)
SEFSwiss Economic Forum
SEFSoftware Engineering Facility
SEFStraits Exchange Foundation (China)
SEFStrategic Enterprise Fund (United Parcel Service)
SEFSpecial Elite Forces (gaming clan)
SEFSymantec Enterprise Firewall
SEFSenior Executive Fellow (Harvard University)
SEFSouthern Education Foundation
SEFSustainable Energy Fund (Pennsylvania)
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Since the enactment of the said law and the implementation of the SEF, local governments across the country have used the additional collection of 1% of the assessed value of real properties to help fund the various needs of the public schools, such as the construction and repair of school buildings," he said.
SEF has also signed a MoU with the SIG's Ministry of Education to integrate a civic education curriculum developed by SEF in all schools administered by the Ministry inside and outside Syria.
Sarah, who is based at Northowram, said: "Being awarded SEF funding allowed me to reach out to micro-businesses by offering them valuable training courses at a reduced rate.
Founded in 1992, SEF works to stimulate, strengthen and support educator-driven innovation that enriches student learning at every grade level of Shrewsbury Public Schools.
Since its launch BGC has seen strong interest in INR NDF trading across its SEF and off-SEF platforms.
A series of experiments has been conducted to create the novel SiNW@AuNP SEF structure and determine the parameters for its optimum fluorescence enhancement.
Chen gave positive response to Lin's suggestions and viewpoints and assured that ARATS will keep smooth and friendly communications with SEF and promoting reciprocal interactions as well.
Anita Ghulam Ali, Managing Director, SEF, said that millions of children in Pakistan are deprived of the opportunity to engage in educational and recreational activities and this is largely attributable to the general lack of educational facilities that are accessible to working and street children.
Fourteen years down the line, what is the significance of the SEF today?
A further influence on the SEF opportunity is the global climate change agenda.
Next on the agenda of SEF talks with its Chinese counterpart, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, will be investment protection and an agreement on cross-strait health issues.
3) As part of the continuing quality improvement process of the SEF, this case study discusses the application of this framework during an evaluation study carried out by the University of Worcester on behalf of the Department of Health West Midlands.