SEFEStandardization Evaluation Flight Examiner
SEFESensory Evoked Facial Muscle Electromyography
SEFESouth East Fibre Exports (Australia)
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Don Johnston, SEFE's chief executive officer, said, 'We have met with a number of highly-qualified investor and public relations firms that we felt could assist SEFE in its efforts to build its profile among a number of key audiences.
SEFE is technology- and solutions-driven, focusing on developing inventions that provide a real-world impact and true profitability.
In conjunction with Johnston's appointment to the board, David Ide is stepping down from his director position, with plans to join the proposed SEFE Advisory Committee.
We are working on developing contacts in the mining and utility space, as well as using the connections of our consultants and collaborations with universities," commented SEFE CEO Don Johnston.
The SEFE team plans to work with both the Colorado Center for Power Electronics and the Center for Environmental Technology to perform research and development related to the physics and engineering of the Harmony III system.
The Company followed that SEFE has begun negotiating with a potential strategic partner on its alternative energy initiatives.
The Cubic Wire Detector provides an important variation of the ion categorization technology; this allows us to perform the testing essential to the development of the Harmony III product line," said Ryan Coulson, Lead Scientist for SEFE.
He went on to reiterate that SEFE is a development stage company and has several milestones to achieve as have been outlined in its SEC fillings.
The site is geared toward driving potential new business to SEFE through community outreach initiatives and education of the public about the growing clean technology space.
Mike Hurowitz, Lead Engineer for SEFE, gave an overview of the upcoming events: "The flight detector system can be thought of as a 'site survey' tool to quickly identify operating parameters for the Harmony III system.
The continual expansion of our intellectual property portfolio, evidenced by this issuance, serves both of these goals, as SEFE strives to gain a significant foothold in the applicable sustainable energy space.
Based on where we are in the research and development phase, the timing of this conference is ideal," said Don Johnston, CEO of SEFE, Inc.