SEFICSpoken English for Industry and Commerce
SEFICSeventh Fleet Intelligence Center (WW2 unit of US Seventh Fleet in Southwest Pacific Area of Operations)
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With regard to security, Sefic said that despite tightened control on the green border and at international border crossings between Slovenia and Croatia, the situation has not changed from what it was before.
Today, Sefic again refuted the statements of the head of the Croatian police, Vlado Domini?, that there is an agreement on directly transporting refugees by train from Macedonia to Austria.
Sefic also noted that registration was rigorous, and that all circumstances, data and records were thoroughly checked.
Sefic also said that migration along the Western-Balkan route was continuing as before.
Sefic pointed out that life in Slovenia remains safe, as preliminary assessments by competent bodies have shown no significant increase in the level of threat.
Although Slovenia does not have unlimited capacities, as Sefic has warned, we are trying to make the best possible use of all the available resources.
State secretary Sefic expressed satisfaction with the results of the EU-Balkans summit, which was convened by the President of the European Commission at Slovenia s request.
Sefic expressed his belief that the new method of receiving migrants will significantly relieve the burden on residents in Dobova, Rigonci and Bre ice.
Sefic also said that cooperation with Croatia has greatly improved since yesterday, as there is now coordination at the highest operational level, and he expressed the sincere hope that this would continue.
Sefic strongly refuted information published in some Italian media: Slovenia is neither erecting fences nor a wall on its borders, and is not preventing entry to refugees and migrants.
Slovenia is currently seeing the arrival of smaller groups of migrants and refugees, Sefic said today, adding that considering the fluctuations in the numbers of migrants, it is difficult to forecast the number of people that may arrive here in the next days.
State Secretary Sefic stressed that the government is promptly notifying the European Commission about the measures taken, and that the latter has responded positively to the recent introduction of controls on the internal border with Hungary.