SEFIEStabilized Electric Field Integral Equation
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Designed for multiple-platform compatibility, the Multispin 4X Sefies works with PC, Macintosh and PS/2 systems.
, Hy-Vee store, his catering efforts included a picnic for 2,000 and, during a one-month period, a sefies of catered parties for 600, 750 and 900.
"With the launch of DLB and CLC on GaleNet," said Don Boyden, Galenet editoriai program manager, "users in many locations now have access to the great depth of these databases without having to invest the resources to assemble the hundreds of pfint volumes in these sefies. Now, you can span dozens of volumes and hundreds of essayi with one search to find just the author, subject, or title you're looking for, and then you can hyperlink to essays on related authors and works."
Working Paper Sefies. Carnbridge, ESRC Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, WP 86, march.
En este trabajo sugeria que el PP debia utilizar las sefies de television para deslizar "mensajes ideologicos", asi como evitar los debates que lo hicieran aparecer como "un partido demasiado conservador".
The campaign focuses on the concept of friendship, community and solidarity and encourages young people to take wefies with friends, while one of its campaign pages reads "Sefies are so 2013", Cnet reported.