SEFRSupport for Economic and Fiscal Reform
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In Jawf province, a military vehicle was destroyed in Sefr al-Hanaia of Ham in al-Maton district, killing and injuring all of its crew.
But the beginning of her brilliance in presenting women issues was through the film "Wahed Sefr", setting out from there to direct many other films and dramas such as:
In addition, the movie "Battle for Sevastopol" will screen in the Arts Creativity Centre, "Apollo Gaza" will screen in Hanager Cinema and "Sefr el-Takween" (Genesis) will screen in Hanager Theatre.
From then on, Fishawy proceeded to present one successful, and unconventional, movie after the other, including Wara'et Shafra (Coded Paper), Zay El Naharda (Like Today), Sa'a w Nos (One and a Half Hours), Wahed Sefr (One to Zero), and Telk Al Ayam (These Days).