SEFSStackable Encryption File System
SEFSSeverely Errored Framing Second
SEFSSingle Engine File Sharing
SEFSSecurity Module for Extensible File System
SEFSSimple Embedded File System
SEFSSeverely Errored Framing Seconds
SEFSSymposium for European Freshwater Sciences
SEFSSouth East Forum for Sustainability (UK)
SEFSScience, Engineering and Food Science (University College Cork; Ireland)
SEFSSelf-Efficacy for Science (nursing questionnaire)
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SEFs that have been authorized as Foreign ETP Operators may be used by specified persons under Japanese law to execute derivatives transactions subject to Article 40-7 of the FIEA (i.e., the Japanese trading obligation).
SEFs in patients with and without alarm features as stratified by age are shown in Table 3.
plans to acquire UK-based swap execution facility Javelin SEF, LLC, the company said.
To facilitate straight-through processing, the team integrated their derivatives trading solution with their internal treasury platform, as well as with systems at Microsoft's newly selected FCM, its central clearing counterparties (CCPs), its collateral agent, and its SEF.
The United States has also put new rules in place that require US and non-American trading platforms that have a connection with the United States to register as swap execution facilities (SEF) with the American regulator.
25, a total of 18 institutions submitted applications to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to operate SEFs. So far, 13 firms have received temporary registration approval.
If the final rules remain different, SEFs will need to decide whether to develop systems flexible enough to meet both the CFTC's and SEC's requirements or whether to focus on one asset class or the other.
The main disadvantage of using GEFS and SEFS is that we cannot compare images in which the number of rows is different from the number of columns.
In the study using MEG, increased amplitude of the SEFs was observed in the affected hemisphere following tactile finger stimulation of the paretic hand, irrespective of the type of motor reorganization, while a reduction in SEFs latency was only observed in subjects with ipsilesional reorganization [19].
The study of the spontaneous activity focused on the oscillatory rhythms, while we investigated the evoked activity focusing on the first two components of the magnetic somatosensory Evoked Fields (SEFs), M20 and M30, recorded during stimulation of the median nerve.
"With SEFs to be appointed and legal entity identifiers to be decided by the end of 2012, European and Asia regulations following Dodd-Frank, the flexible framework of Summit FT's trade repository and interfaces to central clearers ensures that customers are ready to meet existing and future requirements as they evolve."
Karachi, December 04, 2011 (Frontier Star): Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) has launched a book Dard Kay Rishtay for neo-literate adult women learners and their educators The book is part of its Ujlee Rahein (Qaida and Teachers Guide) series, which is part of SEFs publications portfolio comprising theme based post literacy materials for neo-literate adult women learners and their educators.