SEFTSymbolic Experiential Family Therapy
SEFTSearch Engine for Text (software tool)
SEFTSpecial Electronic Funds Transfer
SEFTSeattle Eastside Feldenkrais Training (workshop; Seattle, WA)
SEFTSpiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (Indonesia, Ahmad Faiz Zainuddin)
SEFTSchool of English, Film and Theatre (Victoria University; New Zealand)
SEFTSoftware Engineering Forum for Training
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Grup 1 ve Grup 2'de sirasiyla SEFT puani 72,3 [+ or -] 16,8, 76,1 [+ or -] 5,6, Q-DASH skoru 27,9 [+ or -] 19,4, 19,6 [+ or -] 15,2, DEi skoru 19,3 [+ or -] 21,2, 11,3 [+ or -] 10,6 idi (Tablo 2).
Calismamizda hem el bilek duzeyinde sinir yaralanmasi olan hastalarda, hem de parmak duzeyinde yaralanmasi olan hastalarda SEFT ile saptanan el fonksiyonlarinin, hasta tarafindan yanitlanan el fonksiyon anketleri ile iliskili oldugu saptandi.
SEFT kavrama paternlerini, keskinlik ve dogrulugu, koordinasyon ve bilateral gorevleri degerlendirir (18).
RA'li hastalarda yapilan bir calismada kaba kavrama ve uc tutma kas guclerinin hem kendini degerlendirme anketi olan DEi hem de SEFT ile korele oldugu, yine Saglik Degerlendirme Anketi (Heath Assessment Questionnaire-HAQ) ile saptanan fonksiyonel kapasitenin SEFT ile iliskili oldugu saptanmistir (9).
I should confess now my own involvement with SEFT in the 1970s and 1980s, which transformed my life in many ways.
In the case of SEFT, it is remarkable that an organisation so committed to arguing over words was so careless with its own records.
Others, like David Buckingham, take the opportunity to distinguish between what they thought at the time and later analysis, in his case of the reasons for the decline of SEFT in the 1980s.
Those of us who teach in HE should be concerned about that and it reminds us that the links which SEFT tried, not always successfully, to make between different kinds of screen education are still crucial, though perhaps less discussed.
Replacing variables, TA, OC, VC, SR, SEFT, ER, and EEFT in equation [7] by the variables used to classify or measure them, we obtain the following equation to be estimated: