SEGIRSupport for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform
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(8) [Jon.sub.1] segir a[??] Petur raki [sig.sub.1]/[hann.sub.1]/[sup.*]sjfilfan [sig.sub.1] John says that Peter [shave.sub.subj] SE/him/himself 'John1 says that Peter would shave [him.sub.1].'
"Eigi er pad saettarrof," segir Njall, "ad hver hafi log vid annan pvi ad med logum skal land vort byggja en eigi med ologum eyda." (It is no breach of settlement for a man to have dealings in law with another, and with laws shall our land be built up or be laid waste without law.) (47)
Eyfirskur Vestur-Islendingur segir fra (Akureyri, 1957), p.
In one Alping scene, an account of a portentous talking (in fact skaldic-versifying) cloak is described in detail, but when the incident it forebodes is carried out, and torgils decapites Audgisl, the author refers the audience who might wish to know the details of the subsequent legal proceedings to another source: 'Saezk var a vig pessi, sem i sogu porgils Hollusonar segir' [A settlement was made regarding this killing, as it says in the saga of porgils Holluson] (p.
A vaengjum songsins: Jonas Ingimundarson segir fra.